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Most homeowners in Naples and the surrounding areas understand that temperature and humidity directly affect the health and comfort of their families. What they don’t recognize is that indoor air quality (IAQ) has an equally significant effect. Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating has the expertise you need to boost your indoor air quality and ensure a continuous supply of fresh, clean air.

Is Bad Indoor Air Prevalent?

Unlike with outdoor air pollution, no one issues warnings when your indoor air quality reaches unhealthy levels. However, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor pollution levels can be considerably higher. In some cases, up to 10 times as prevalent compared to outside. Research shows that typically, Americans spend the majority of their time indoors, especially in warmer areas of Southwest Florida such as Naples. Given this information, it’s critical to consider what you — and your family — are actually breathing in.

Some indoor contaminants are easily detected, such as bad odors, dust, moisture, or microbial growth. Others, including odorless gasses, are less noticeable but have hidden effects. Still other irritants — scented candles, moth repellents, or aerosols, to name a few — we don’t associate with air pollution because we focus on their purpose rather than what they might be adding to our indoor air. All pollutants can cause fatigue, allergy attacks, headaches, or numerous other symptoms.

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Our IAQ Solutions Help You Breathe Easier, Healthier

With the focus on energy efficiency, construction methods over the past few decades have evolved to the point where today’s homes have air-tight seals. Although that’s a good thing for energy conservation, it can be detrimental to your indoor air quality. A tight building envelope retains not only your conditioned air, but it also seals in polluted air. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between energy efficiency and healthy air. Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating offers a selection of air cleaners and IAQ solutions that purify and freshen any unhealthy air that you might have trapped in your home:

  • Air purifiers
  • Air humidifiers
  • Ventilators

Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating Is Your Local IAQ Expert

Good indoor air quality involves more than routinely switching out your air filters, although that’s an important first step. If you know the type and source of the airborne pollutants in your home, we can go directly to recommending the IAQ solution that resolves the problem. If you don’t know what’s lurking in your air, we’ll start with an IAQ audit. Either way, our technicians will find the perfect solution.

Indoor air quality is a subtle yet significant factor in the health and comfort of your family. With our years of experience, Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating has what it takes to give your family a healthier home. We provide our indoor air quality inspections throughout Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, FL.

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