HVAC Maintenance Professionals Servicing Naples, Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda, FL & Surrounding Areas

With the weather conditions that strike Naples and the surrounding areas, your home comfort depends on having reliable HVAC equipment that works 12 months out of the year. That’s why we created our Preventive Maintenance Agreement to ensure regular maintenance coverage for our valued customers. For years, homeowners have trusted Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating’s maintenance services to provide year-round comfort.

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Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA)
$199.99 – 2 Year Coverage

3 visits within the 2 year period each include the following checks:

  • Test static pressure at air handler
  • Check refrigerant pressures for proper level
  • Measure compressor amperage draws
  • Inspect and tighten high voltage connections
  • Level thermostat
  • Inspect and clean air filter
  • Inspect condensate drain to ensure the drain is clear
  • Test temperature split between supplies and return ducts
  • Check clearance around condenser to protect it from plants and shrubs
  • Tighten screws on condenser and check balance
  • Check compressor noise level
  • Inspect breaker for condensing unit
  • Tighten refrigerant access fittings
  • Visually inspect ducting for dirt and growth
  • Inspect ducting and connections for air loss
  • Inspect breaker for air handler
  • Inspect evaporator coil to ensure it is not impacted
  • Check condenser to ensure it is anchored down
  • Balance the air-flow
  • Test the capacitors
  • Clean the condenser coil

Regular HVAC Maintenance Means Fewer Breakdowns

You can’t afford to ignore any problem with your HVAC equipment. Delaying or neglecting maintenance is the primary culprit for heating and cooling breakdowns.

Your HVAC equipment gets a workout as it is dealing with the quirks of our local climate. Dirty, worn-out equipment has to work overtime to keep up with demand. By keeping your equipment clean and well-tuned, you’ll lessen the likelihood of a breakdown just when you need your air conditioner or furnace the most.

Professional Maintenance Services Save You Money

HVAC maintenance is not a task that you can afford to put off until you get around to it. Neglected equipment is inefficient (think high energy consumption and inconsistent temperatures) and prone to failure. Caring for your HVAC system reduces repair expenses and lowers your fuel bills. Consistent maintenance also lengthens equipment lifespan and protects warranties, reducing the unpleasant surprise of premature replacement or finding out you’re responsible for a hefty repair bill.

Our Affordable HVAC Maintenance Agreements Provide Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes with knowing your family members’ health is secure, their comfort is intact, and you’re doing what you can to control energy consumption and costs. Our team at Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating firmly believes that when it comes to heating and cooling, our service agreements are an excellent way to achieve HVAC serenity.

For optimal security and comfort, don’t put off maintenance until you get around to it. When you take advantage of Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating’s Preventive Maintenance Agreement, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that experienced professionals are keeping you and your family comfortable, safe, and happy all year long.

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