Why is changing the filter so important? What filter should I use?

The filters keep the evaporator coils and the heat exchanger of an AC clean. These are essential parts of an AC, and they must be kept in proper condition. The evaporator is one of the main components of a heating and cooling system. It is located inside of the indoor fan section, and the filters are located just before it. First, the filter purifies the air and then it goes to the evaporator coil. The filters prevent the evaporator from getting plugged with dust. With the passage of time, the dust accumulates between the fins of the evaporator.
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The accumulation of dust causes improper functioning of the evaporator coil which is not visible instantly but may take months to show up. The coil then restricts the airflow and reduces the efficiency of the system. Another problem that one might encounter because of dirty filters is ice build up. If your system didn’t show up with this problem in the past, then it might be because of the dirty filters. It is an indication that you are not changing your filters as often as required.

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After our visit you will know when to replace your a/c filter, our technician will instruct how often to change the filter after looking at it. So the question is: how often should you replace the filter? Some people, HVAC (heat, ventilation, Air Conditioner) contractor, and technician suggests to replace it every 3 months or sooner.

This is the best idea if you live alone, but if your house has children, pets, or just high traffic, which brings in dirt, leaves, pollen, you will need to change your filter more often. Check your filter monthly.

The best way to tell how often to replace air conditioner filters are by looking at it. Yes, I’m sorry if you expected it to be technical, but it’s not. For example, a house that is occupied by five people, and the air filter is completely covered in dust within 2 months, that would be how often air conditioners filters should be replaced.

It is as simple as that!

And of course we will show you the best one to use for your system.