seasonal HVAC maintenance services in Fort Myers, FL

Consider Investing in Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Services

May 11, 2020

Like any machine, your home heating and cooling systems endure wear and tear over time as they work to control the temperature in your Fort Myers, FL home. That means they need to be professionally maintained in order to keep up with the stress and demand placed upon them. If you’re serious about maximizing energy-efficiency and getting the most out of your equipment, the best way to accomplish those goals is to make sure you schedule one tune-up every spring for your cooling system and one every fall for the heater. Seasonal HVAC maintenance services also give technicians the opportunity to catch minor issues and make simple adjustments before they progress.

Our HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Our service technicians carefully inspect every aspect of your HVAC system to ensure it is performing correctly and running at peak efficiency. Some of the tasks we complete as part of our routine maintenance services include:

  • Inspect and tighten high voltage connections
  • Level thermostat
  • Check refrigerant pressures for proper level
  • Inspect and clean air filter
  • Inspect condensate drain to ensure the drain is clear
  • Tighten screws on condenser and check balance
  • Check compressor noise level
  • Inspect breaker for condensing unit
  • Inspect evaporator coil to ensure it is not impacted

Benefits of Maintenance Services

The main reason AC maintenance is recommended by so many experts is that homeowners can protect the investment they’ve made in their home as well as in their family’s comfort and well-being. When we maintain your HVAC system, we will find and address small or emerging problems that could require much more substantial repairs down the road. Over time, the money you’ll save on future repairs, inflated utility costs, and premature replacements should more than outweigh the cost of seasonal maintenance services.

Ultimately, HVAC tune-ups are about saving time, money, and frustration. However, they’re also about obtaining a little peace of mind wherever you can. You have plenty to worry about as a homeowner but knowing that your equipment has been well-maintained by qualified professionals means you’ll have one less thing on your mind. Call the experts at Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating for more information about our preventive maintenance agreements or schedule your next appointment

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