AC system in Fort Myers, FL

Is Your Fort Myers Home’s AC System Working to Its Maximum Potential?

March 3, 2020

Every AC system in Fort Myers, FL faces the challenge of keeping both temperature and humidity at comfortable levels without incurring soaring energy costs. There are ways to make sure your AC works efficiently.

Clean Air Filters Regularly

One of the most effective ways to keep a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system running efficiently is to clean or change air filters frequently. When filters are clogged, pollutants enter the system and coat ducts, coils and other components. In addition, clogged filters affect the system’s pressure. The result is that the compressor must work harder to produce conditioned air. Eventually, the unit stops working. Clean filters can reduce the amount of energy the air conditioner uses by up to 15%.

Scheduled a Tune-up

There is a reason that seasonal maintenance is required by many manufacturers to keep warranties valid. During a tuneup, certified technicians examine, clean and calibrate each component of the entire system. This ensures that the unit performs to its maximum potential. If problems are identified during maintenance, they can be promptly corrected. You save money on utilities, avoid expensive repairs and stay more comfortable. In addition, maintenance prolongs the unit’s lifespan, which delays the expense of replacing it.

Maintain Consistent Temperature Settings

It is tempting to lower the thermostat setting when the weather heats up. However, maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature during the summer saves energy and keeps the unit from straining to condition air during extreme weather. Programmable thermostats let you fine-tune settings according to your lifestyle and indoor comfort needs. Setting the thermostat back at night or during extended periods of time when you are away can reduce energy usage by up to 15% a year.

Magnificent Air Cooling & Heating provides residential and commercial HVAC services for communities in southwest Florida, including Fort Myers. If your HVAC system is not keeping you cool, give us a call us. We can schedule a system checkup and recommend ways to improve energy efficiency and comfort. We back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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